5 Tips for Growing Your Start-Up into a Corporation | Rami Reda

1. Plan the Future — Use the Dream Big, Win Small Philosophy

2. Find, Build or Invent New Markets

3. Maintain Current Market Share

4. Merging and Acquiring is Caffeinated Growth

  • Vertical mergers — working with other companies in your supply chain including suppliers, distributors, online platforms etc.
  • Horizontal mergers — buying up the low hanging fruit competitors
  • Market extensions — acquiring or merging with similar vendors who operate in totally different markets to you
  • Asset mergers — what IP, technology or even platform could you acquire that would greatly improve your operations?
  • Product extensions — what are the products your customers buy after to enjoy your product more? What are the complimentary products to your business?
  • Conglomerate mergers — looking at companies that offer completely different products and services but that can be produced easily.

5. Find and Leverage Investment Capital

In Conclusion



A second-generation business owner, Rami Reda has created hundreds of jobs and raised millions in capital across his career as an entrepreneur. ramireda.org

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